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Events Management

Our event management system allows you to create events which users can register for. You can add custom fields, allow delegates and even download the registrations in Excel.

This is a handy feature that allows you to create events such as your church weekend away or a kids holiday club online. It's simple to design signup forms, add an event picture, and download the booking registration form. You can even add additional pages such as an itinerary or accomodation details.

Event Booking System

Key features of our event management system

Simple ways to help you plan your church's events.

Design your own custom fields for the sign up forms

Not every event will be the same. Under 'registration options' we allow you to customise the fields that are present in the sign up forms. For instance, you could create a field for dietary requirement and have a text box input for users to list their needs.

Easily allow users to book in their whole family or group

When creating an event you can choose to allow users who sign up to add additional adults and children as part of the sign up form. You can even allow the user to add additional information about the delegates.

Option to make events available for all to view

Or, should you choose to you, can make your event hidden on the frontend of the website so that it can only be accessed by using a link. Or you can make it available for everyone to see.

Options to set booking opening date and the event capacity.

Limited spaces on for your event? Our system allows you to limit the number of sign ups. You can set the opening date for the bookings for everyone's convenience. You also have the option of adding terms and conditions to the signup process.

Allow a user to go back and edit their booking after they have completed it.

Should your member's circumstances change, you can allow users to edit their booking.

Option to add more pages to your event for additional information

If you need to, you can add addition pages, such as an itinerary, accommodation information or a menu. You are even able to embedd google maps for the event's location.

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