ChurchBox Features - a quick overview

Features Overview

ChurchBox has lots of features so this page has been designed to give you a quick overview of the main ones.

We offer a fully managed service so we will help you get set up and will spend time showing you how the system works. You can call or email us as often as you like if you need help with the system.

The best way to understand what ChurchBox can do is to set up your free online church address book.

You can then also have a free 30 day trial of the rest of the features.

Free Online Directory (for all Christian churches)

An easy online system that helps you keep track of your member's data.

  • Individual profile page and log in for each member
  • Members update their own information
  • Track existing members and new people as well as event participants
  • Option to group users so they receive relevant messaging and information
  • Members have full control over their privacy settings
Church Rota System

Event Management

Create events which users can register for. Add customs fields, allow delegates and download the registrations in Excel!

  • Create events such as your church weekend away or a kids holiday club online
  • Design your own custom fields for the sign up forms
  • Easily allow users to book their whole family or groups on
  • Option to make events available for all to view and sign up, or members only.
  • Download the booking registration and meta data in excel!
  • Option to set booking opening date, event capacity allowance
  • Option to add additional pages to your event such as itinerary or accommodation details
Event Booking System

Rota System

An intelligent and highly customisable rota system that can be adapted to suit the needs of any church.

  • Flexible rota template system
  • Manage teams using the "groups" module
  • Members can arrange their own swaps
  • Create as many rotas and rota types as you need
  • Allows members to input their availability
  • Share Rota jobs across different rotas
  • Smart rota allocation
  • Control your reminder emails which can be set for each rota and job.
Church Rota System


One place to help you manage all your communications with your church community.

  • Send out church news, event information, notices etc to your church
  • Personalised email templating system
  • Include tags to insert users info
  • Send emails to groups, event participants, directory users or a custom list
  • Easily add attachments to emails
  • Use a WYSIWYG editor to style your HTML emails
  • Copy, edit and share your existing communications
  • Easily send emails on behalf of someone else and choose where the reply will go to
  • Internal messaging system to chat to other online users. See who is online at any point.
Church Rota System


The groups module will help you easily organise and sort your church members.

  • Add users to groups manually or create dynamic groups that add users automatically.
  • Create as many groups as you need for your church e.g. small groups, students, youth
  • Each group can be seen on a map so you can see how they are distributed over the city
  • Create public facing groups that members can choose to join
  • Add custom fields that are required when a user is joining a public group. The information can be viewed and downloaded in excel from the admin area.
  • Create personal groups that only you can see.
  • Each group can be used throughout ChurchBox such as in the communicate and rota system
Church Rota System

Custom Fields

Every church is different so the custom fields module lets you store the information that you need.

  • Create as many custom fields as you need
  • You decide if the field is only available to admin staff or if the user can fill it out.
  • Over 9 variations of Custom fields: text boxes, drop downs, checkboxes, multi-select boxes, text areas, a colour picker or a DOB or Date box.
  • Custom fields can be used to generate dynamic groups.
  • Set permissions on a custom field so only certain user roles can view the information. Useful for child protection or sensitive information.
  • Option to set the visibility of a field based on what is selected in another field.
Church Rota System

Security and your Data

We see the protection of your data as one of the most important parts of our Service. To see some of the measures we have put in place have a look at our Security Overview page by following the link below.

Security Overview... GDPR Information...

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