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Rota System

We created an intelligent rota system that is highly customisable and, as such, it can be adapted to suit the needs of any church.

We're really proud of this system and it is one of our most sought after modules. It's also realy easy to use, but if you do find it a bit daunting, we've got some helpful tutorial videos that will show you how to use every feature.

Video Guide

Church Rota System

Key features of our rota system

Some of our features are realy quite clever and they make for a better, cleaner, and more organised way of managing your rotas.

Allow members to input their availability

Members can mark themselves as unavailable for assignment to rotas in advance. For example, if they are away on holiday, they will show up as unavailable.

Create many rotas and rota templates

You can create rota templates tailored to your needs. You can then reuse them week by week, edit them if the jobs need changing, or delete them altogether. Create as many as you need.

Control your email reminders

Members can be reminded of their tasks via email a number of days in advance. This can be set for each rota and job. Just incase you have any forgetful members.

Create and share jobs across rotas

You can create your own jobs to fill the rotas and specify whether it can be filled by a single person or a group.

Simpler grid view for rotas

Multiple rotas can now be viewed at the same time. Allowing you to see many weeks worth of rotas and add members to the roles all on the same page.

Members can arrange their own swaps

Say a member can't fulfil their duty on one of your rotas. They can request cover on the rota and other members can volunteer to take their place.

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