Security and Privacy - What you need to know

Churchbox is Secure and Stable. Your data is safe with us.

At ChurchBox we take the security of our servers and the protection of your data very seriously. We want to be open and transparent with you. Every year more and more sites get hacked. The UK Government, MOD, CIA, FBI, Yahoo, Sony, Microsoft, Banks and NASA (to name but a few) have all been hacked. If you have missionaries who are working in countries that are considered 'closed' countries then please NEVER put their details into ANY system connected to the Internet. The same warning applies to all providers of church data services. We just felt you needed to know. That all said here are some of the ways we work hard to keep your data safe:

Data Center

All of our servers, load balancers and firewalls are stored in a state of the art data center with 24/7 security. The data center has achieved ISO 27001 certification, showing that it is following international information security best practices. Your data will never leave the EU.

Backups - Local and Off-Site

We back up your data everyday, and keep a daily, weekly and monthly secure off-site copy of your data. On top of that we can roll back your database to any date and time you need for a full 30 days.


All of our services run behind a modern hardened hardware firewall, which is specifically designed with "intrusion" detection and filters to keep our servers safe. We also have additional firewalls built in to our services that monitor and protect various other common attack vectors.

Scalability & Performance

We have designed our infrastructure with scalability in mind. Our system can spin up new servers whenever things get busy, then spin them down again in quiet periods. This will ensure you always get a blisteringly fast service whilst ensuring the cost is kept down too!

Security and Vulnerabilities

All our services run through SSL ensuring your data is encrypted as it travels over the net. We also run a suite of penetration tests on our servers and services ensuring they are protected against vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, CSRF and privilege escalation.

Your Own Instance

Our system has been designed so that your data is held separately from everyone else. Each ChurchBox account maintains its own 'instance' which locks the account to a specific area on the server.The separate credentials, database and jailed folder structure are designed to ensure your data can't be accessed by prying eyes.

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