ChurchBox Tutorials - Creating a resource type

Resource Types

To start adding resources you need to first create some resource types. The resource types will group your resources together.

From the admin area, resources can be found in the sidebar. From here you can create and manage resource types, resources, and view the schedules for your resources.

Creating a resource type will allow you to set separate schedules for you resources. For example, 'Meeting Rooms' that can only be booked between 9:00 and 17:00. or 'Computer Equipment' that cannot be booked.

Clicking on 'Resource Types' will take you to this screen. Click on the green 'Create Type' button.

Give your resource type a descriptive name. 'Meeting Rooms', 'Televisions', etc.

The bookable dropdown will set whether or not resources of this type will be made avaiable to book. Setting this to 'Yes' will allow you to set the times that resources of this type will be avaiable to book.

Click on 'Save' and you will be directed to a page where you can create a resource for your new resource type.

Click on 'Next' to view the next tutorial, 'Creating a Resource'.

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